BioDFW’s Integration with THIC

BIODFW Aligns with Health Industry Council of North Texas
Administrative partnership effective June 1, 2012

DALLAS (June 15, 2012) The Health Industry Council of North Texas announces the finalization of an agreement that will integrate BioDFW into the Health Industry Council and its Foundation effective June 1, 2012.  The agreement is an asset transfer between the 501(c)3 entities and the BioDFW board and sponsors become an active and engaged task force of the Council focused on innovation, life science development and health technologies. This agreement benefits both organizations by creating operational efficiencies and furthering their respective economic development, educational, and collaborative missions.

In December, 2003 BioDFW was established to foster growth in North Texas’ broad life sciences and research markets. BioDFW is a working alliance of industry, education, government and non-profit organizations that represent all relevant areas of this healthcare value chain (Research, Hospitals/Clinics, Medical Devices, Information Technology, Communications and Finance).

Being a catalyst for idea-sharing, entrepreneurial activities and cross-disciplinary collaboration is the guiding principle of the Health Industry Council Foundation making the administrative partnership a natural fit. The Health Industry Council will continue to foster regional success for the life science community by:

  • Hosting workshops, seminars, networking events, conference, etc.
  • Aligning resources to foster bench to market and commercialization efforts.
  • Inform interested parties on the financing needs of BioMedical organizations (tax abatements, grants, ETF funding priorities, etc.).
  • Maintain a regional resource guide of life-science related activities.

In addition, the Council will continue to host the monthly BioDFW breakfast series and intends to form a Healthcare Technology Innovation task force that will produce an annual half-day forum to showcase North Texas’ life science industry. This task force will engage the current board of directors and sponsors for BioDFW.

The BioDFW name holds a value and the organization has made great strides in building brand awareness in connection with similar groups (ie. BioHouston). The Council will continue to foster this loyalty, keeping the name, and acting as the primary vehicle that establishes our region as a major global competitor in the life sciences/intelligent medical systems industry.

This alliance was a mutual agreed upon by both boards and will increase the effective impact of both organizations to coalesce and support the entire care continuum in North Texas.

BioDFW, an independent organization, is committed to create an environment of regional collaboration, innovation, excellence, and inspiration for the North Texas life sciences community and is dedicated to the growth and financial prosperity of North Texas’ broad life sciences industry.  BioDFW represents a working alliance of government and industry leaders, universities and supporting organizations in North Texas who jointly identify objectives, initiate efforts and provide regional coordination.

The Health Industry Council is non-profit, member- driven organization dedicated to advancing and supporting the entire health industry in North Texas.  As a unique collaboration of organizations committed to the development and delivery of quality and innovative health care, the Council is the principal resource for networking and thought leadership in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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